A Writer’s Christmas Wish List

#1: Maid Service

#2: This Write Your Story Ring

Write Your Story Wrap Ring--Graduation Gift--Writer Gift--Hand Stamped Ring--Daughter Gift--Teen Girl Gift--Gift for Friend--Sister Gift
#3: The perfect, satisfying, wraps-up-all-the-threads-in-an-amazing-way ending
#4: A personal chef
#5: A bounce house (to keep the wee ones busy)
#6: Bubble wrap suits for kids to keep them from hurting each other in the bounce house.
#7: Nurse on staff to take care of the accidents that will probably still happen in the bounce house. 
#8: A fine collection of fingerless gloves (MerryGKnitCrochet, Handicraftland, Handmaknit)
Knit Fingerless gloves in harvest colors, Gift for her, CHRISTMAS gift,Womens gift, Fngerless glove mittens, Long knit gloves, glove mittensFingerless Gloves Crochet Photographer Gloves Wrist Warmer Striped Gloves Colorful With Buttons Hand Warmer Mittens Texting Gloves MittsKnit Fingerless gloves | Arm warmers | Womens Fingerless | Long Fingerless Mittens | Wrist warmers | Hand warmers
#9: Thumb book holder (these are absolutely brilliant!)
Wooden Thumb Book Holder - Coloured
#10: A home library modeled after the Gladstone Library in Wales.
#11: A trip to Wales to stay in the Gladstone Library. (Yes! You can stay overnight!)
#12: Comfy hoodies
#13: Audible subscription
#14: A cottage in the mountains
#15: Chocolate (aka writing fuel)
Soap for Writer's Block

6 PENCILS - write more mint green hex pencils w/ kraft pencil box - Motivational funny pencil set with gold text
#18: Time (better get this one biggie sized)
What’s on your wish list? 
  Erin Shakespear writes middle grade fantasy full of quirky creatures, magic, and strange adventures. With six kids, her days are also full of quirky creatures, magic, strange adventures, and…loads of diapers. She also likes to dabble at photography, sewing, and pretending she’s a grand artist. 

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