Best Books of 2017: A List of Lists (and What to Do with It)

It's that time of year when everyone seems to weigh in with a list of Best Books of the Year--from libraries and magazines to authors and bloggers, including our own Rosalyn Eves and Amanda Rawson Hill. I'll admit, I'd planned to post my own list today, and it included Long Way Down, The 57 Bus, Orphan Island, … Continue reading Best Books of 2017: A List of Lists (and What to Do with It)

Being Courageous & Vulnerable: Writer Edition

I have had numerous conversations lately with people who have had questions about something related to publishing, something that their agent or editor might know, but for reasons including mental health issues, insecurity about writing, or a desire to not be that client, they have each paused and let the stress fester a little. It … Continue reading Being Courageous & Vulnerable: Writer Edition

10 Suggestions for Writing Transitions

I have a transition in my current work-in-progress that has been giving me headaches for a while now. It shouldn't be so difficult—I'm just moving the main character from one scene location to another—but every time I try to revise it, I still get that niggling “this isn't working” feeling. And, okay, I've had readers … Continue reading 10 Suggestions for Writing Transitions