Being Courageous & Vulnerable: Writer Edition

I have had numerous conversations lately with people who have had questions about something related to publishing, something that their agent or editor might know, but for reasons including mental health issues, insecurity about writing, or a desire to not be that client, they have each paused and let the stress fester a little. It … Continue reading Being Courageous & Vulnerable: Writer Edition

Thinking in Threes: Tricia Lawrence

It's time for another round of Thinking in Threes, where we an agent, editor, or author three questions and they answer each with three(ish) answers. Today's guest: the fabulous Tricia Lawrence of the Erin Murphy Literary Agency. We were able to snag this whip-smart agent for the Writing for Charity conference this year, so in advance of … Continue reading Thinking in Threes: Tricia Lawrence