The Middle Grade Magic of Stranger Things

First, a disclaimer: The Netflix series Stranger Things may or may not be suitable viewing for your middle-grade-age child. That’s totally your call. The aim of today’s post is to highlight the winning elements that Stranger Things and middle grade fiction share in common. If you haven’t yet seen or heard of Stranger Things, it’s … Continue reading The Middle Grade Magic of Stranger Things

Capturing Authentic Childhood Moments

Writing for children is both a joy and a challenge. As with any work of fiction, no matter how fantastical, characters still need to be grounded in more mundane, true-to-life experiences to build a relatable connection with readers and establish emotional resonance. Kids look for themselves in the books they read; they crave characters who … Continue reading Capturing Authentic Childhood Moments

Building Blocks of Character, part 2

This is the second installment of a two-part series on creating strong characters, based on principles discussed in the The Art of Character by David Corbett. Part one focused on: Sources for character inspiration; The protagonist’s driving need or end goal; and Using our own emotional lives to better understand our characters. Now, in part … Continue reading Building Blocks of Character, part 2