Story Soup -or- Where Do You Get Your Ideas?

Next Tuesday, my sophomore novel, Paper Chains, will be released into the world. In the weeks ahead, I’ve got school visits, a book festival, a writing conference, a library event, and the high-profile privilege of being interviewed by a fourth grader (one of the perks of writing for kids.) This particular fourth grader asked some really … Continue reading Story Soup -or- Where Do You Get Your Ideas?

On Writing About Sensitive (Trigger) Topics

Trigger warning: This post mentions potential trigger topics. I love writing happily-ever-afters (HEAs) for my characters, but in order for them to get there, they have to go through quite a lot. The following quote from one of my favorite reviews summarizes this nicely: My stories always include hard and stormy issues (This post explains why it helps to … Continue reading On Writing About Sensitive (Trigger) Topics