Turning a Non-writing Day into the Best Writing Day

I’ve always been a “sit-and-do-it” kinda gal. I don’t believe in a mystical muse. I don’t fuss over the state of my first draft because the first draft is where I feel out the story. Revisions are where the real magic happens. But lately, I’ve been struggling with settling into writing. Between writing and marketing … Continue reading Turning a Non-writing Day into the Best Writing Day

10 Suggestions for Writing Transitions

I have a transition in my current work-in-progress that has been giving me headaches for a while now. It shouldn't be so difficult—I'm just moving the main character from one scene location to another—but every time I try to revise it, I still get that niggling “this isn't working” feeling. And, okay, I've had readers … Continue reading 10 Suggestions for Writing Transitions

A Few of My Favorite (Book) Things

If you're anything like me, as November turns to December, you start thinking about the holidays (and, more importantly, holiday gifts!). Growing up, we had a saying at Christmas that "books don't count"--not because they weren't important, but because they were essential (like socks) and so my mom didn't count them towards our regular gifts. … Continue reading A Few of My Favorite (Book) Things