Are you a socialite?

One of the essential parts of modern day writing is building a platform.  This can be daunting and exciting at the same time.  I have been actively building my presence and want to share a few things I’ve learned.

1. This takes work.  If you think it’s just going to be a few minutes a day thing, you are not going to have the internet presence you want.  My other blog is almost a year old and I have over 300 followers.  That didn’t happen by accident but by me looking for like minded people, visiting with them at their space and making them feel welcome at mine.

2. Don’t try all the things at once.  If you launch into a facebook page, twitter account and new blog all at the same time, it’s like working out really hard three days in a row.  By day four, you are ready to quit, exhausted, frustrated and in a world of hurt.  Pick one area, work on that a bit.  When that is established, try another.

3. YOUR NAME IS YOUR BRAND. That needs to be the title of the blog, as close as possible to your twitter handle, the title at the top of your facebook page.  I’m lucky to have a name that I think I’m the only one, but it is working for me.  Example?  At the writing workshop we attended a few weeks ago, I was recognized by several people because my first and last name are on EVERYTHING. And your picture better be with your name.

4. Maintain the balance (funny because this is the 3rd blog I was scheduled to post at today…).  Writing takes time.  Platform building takes time.  You need to decide right now if you want to be a blogger or a writer.  You can be both, you should be both, but it’s really easy to only be one.  Balance is tricky and I still haven’t figured it out completely, but it is something I work for every day.

Are there social media sites you like more than others?  What do you like about some and dislike about them or others?  Please feel free to share with us where we can find you!