10 Suggestions for Writing Transitions

I have a transition in my current work-in-progress that has been giving me headaches for a while now. It shouldn't be so difficult—I'm just moving the main character from one scene location to another—but every time I try to revise it, I still get that niggling “this isn't working” feeling. And, okay, I've had readers … Continue reading 10 Suggestions for Writing Transitions

Core Motivators: Building characters and ensembles

When building characters, a lot of people like to create dossiers or put their characters through personality tests to get to know them better. While knowing your character’s favorite food, color, and song might be helpful, there are some deeper traits that are useful to uncover while planning or before revising our characters. My favorite … Continue reading Core Motivators: Building characters and ensembles

Story Soup -or- Where Do You Get Your Ideas?

Next Tuesday, my sophomore novel, Paper Chains, will be released into the world. In the weeks ahead, I’ve got school visits, a book festival, a writing conference, a library event, and the high-profile privilege of being interviewed by a fourth grader (one of the perks of writing for kids.) This particular fourth grader asked some really … Continue reading Story Soup -or- Where Do You Get Your Ideas?