What a Writer Wants

I just finished (almost) a really crazy 6 weeks of my life.  Writing suffered, something I’m not happy about, but I had a realization that made the six weeks of crazy worth it.  

I figured out what I want – and that is to be a writer.  
This may not be a revolutionary idea to some, but there are times when people say they want to do something because it’s the in thing or because they like it for a week or two or whatever…and for a while I thought that was writing for me.  
But lately, it changed.  Part of it was thanks to Rosalyn for starting a writer’s group – something that gave me accountability and deadlines and friends who tell me my writing doesn’t suck.  I don’t think I can ever repay her for the idea and willingness to ask me to join when we passed each other on the elementary playground in the midst of mom-dom.
Part of it was realizing that for the last two years of  my life, I felt like a partial person.  I have a job that I enjoy (for the most part…it is a job….) and kids who are amazing and a super supportive husband, but I couldn’t find my thing – that spark that gave me passion in life.  And writing has done that for me.  
And about four months ago, I started calling myself a writer.  And then I had a friend introduce me to one of her colleagues as a writer.  And I have this thing, burning in my soul (so to speak) that makes me feel like I’m on the cusp of a life better than I’ve lived so far.  
I’m taking time away from my kids – sometimes.  I’m separating myself from TV more and more.  And I’m dreaming of my characters again. 
What are you doing to become who you want to be?  

2 thoughts on “What a Writer Wants

  1. I'm so glad that you've had that epiphany, Tasha, because you really are a talented writer. We are proud of you and of your lovely work-in-progress! 🙂


  2. I totally get what you're feeling, Tasha. That happened to me ten years ago. I'd always been a writer but it was a job (newspaper reporter). It wasn't until I quit to stay home with my kids, and started floundering around doing freelance stuff when I discovered writing for kids. Then… WOW! The passion lit me up as soon as I met my critique group and started going to conferences. I'd never felt that before about anything.
    Glad you found your niche in life!


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