The Love of Writing

Happy Love Day everyone!

It’s that special time of the year where we shower those we love with gifts, compliments, and all the things we should be doing anyway throughout the year. So what about that other love you have? What about writing? Doesn’t that special part of you need a little reminder of what it means to you? What would you say? Well this is what I would say:


Dear Writing,

It’s been awhile, too long in fact since I’ve told you what you mean to me. I’m sorry for that. Too many times you’ve been there for me, even when I didn’t ask for it.

Remember when we first met?I just moved to a new home in a new town when I was ten. I didn’t know anyone, but there you were. You came to me in spurts here and there. Little blips of a story. Sometimes it came together, other times it was a hot mess. No matter how those stories came out I was happier than I’ve ever been.

It was just you and me since that moment. No matter what tried to bring me down you were always there to keep me upright. Word by word we battled depression and anxiety. You gave me confidence I never knew I had.

Of course there was that time I allowed someone to convince me I didn’t need you. That was that biggest mistake of my life. You’re a part of me. You always will be. During that time I couldn’t say I was better. I couldn’t say I was happy. That’s what you give me: happiness.

I love you, Writing, for now and for always.




Matt Williams is an avid reader, a collector of many pens, an ever improving father of two, and an all-around fanboy. When he’s not wrestling with cats or a long commute you can find him hunkered down writing something imaginative. He’s working on publishing his first book Beyond Here, a middle grade story involving a coma and a singing flower with a bent stem sometime in 2016, along with a few projects with his other daughter.