Five Stars

It’s May!  A new month and a busy, busy week.  So here’s a brief post:

1. The last book that I rated 5 stars on Goodreads was The Fault in Our Stars by John Green.  It has received praise and accolades galore, and deserves every bit of it.

2. The next book that earns my prestigious 5-star rating on Goodreads may very well be the book I’m reading right now, True (…Sort Of) by Katherine Hannigan.  So far, this is every bit as heartfelt as Hannigan’s first book, Ida B, and the voice is just as strong and endearing. 

3. Tasha, Rosalyn, and I are all attending the LDStorymakers Conference this weekend.  If you’re going too, come find us!  I am not a good networker and a little shy, so I will be the tall, awkward one with the brown hair who looks like she’d love to mingle but isn’t quite sure how to jump in.  Tasha will be the tall one with the brown hair who is in the center of a group of people busting their guts at the hilarious thing she just said.  Rosalyn will be the one with the reddish hair who is making comments that make you think, “I wish I thought of that!” or “I have to get to my manuscript immediately so that I can follow that advice!”  Five stars to the organizers of this conference for the fabulous job they’ve done already.  I can’t wait!

And now, back to revisions and finals week and everything else.  Happy May to you!

What was the last 5-star book you read?  Are you working on a book that may earn my 5-star rating someday?  Are you coming to LDStorymakers?  Tell me about it!

2 thoughts on “Five Stars

  1. I just finished reading Kate Morton's House at Riverton, and I think that may be 5 star worthy. The last one before that? I can't remember if it was the Fault in Our Stars or Keturah and Lord Death.


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