What Kind of Writer?

The most beautiful wall in my house.

I’ve been allowing mind to wander just a little lately and imagine that the dream of publication could actually come true for me. But if it did, what then? The territory beyond querying is largely foreign to me, and the question that I’ve been asking myself is this: What kind of writer would I want to be? Here are some of the answers I’ve come up with and some of the agented and published authors who are my role models:

I want to write a book that has the kind of impact on readers that R.J. Palacio’s Wonder just had on me.

A writer who has buckets of voice like Katherine Hannigan, with heart to spare like Lynda Mulally Hunt.

A writer like Elizabeth Wein, whose latest book is so compelling that readers find themselves unable to take even a short bathroom break. At least this reader did…

I want to be a writer like Jack Gantos, who supports teachers with guides and activites that go way beyond a list of discussion questions. (And, okay, as long as I’m dreaming, I’ll go ahead and win a Newbery and have a reputation as the funniest speaker ever, just like Gantos.)

I want to be a writer who does school visits that have kids on the edge of their seats like J&P Voelkel.

I want to be the kind of writer who nurtures and encourages other writers like Rick Walton.

Who works as hard and writes as beautifully as Ally Condie.

Who teaches workshops that inspire and instruct like Jennifer Nielsen and Mette Ivie Harrison.

Who sees aspiring writers not as competition, but as colleagues and friends, like Matthew MacNish and Ruth Lauren Steven and Michelle Krys.

Honestly, I feel like this list could include so many more characteristics and so many more names. So tell me:

What am I missing? Who are your role-model writers? And what kind of writer do you want to be?

6 thoughts on “What Kind of Writer?

  1. Thanks, Aldrea! When we finished our basement a couple of years ago, I had two big things on my wish list: an office and a big bookshelf. I love them both so, so much.


  2. I love pictures of bookcases; I try to make out the books' titles on the shelves.

    I also tend toward Margaret Atwood in my spared time.

    We like to vacation at Lake Powell (before it is reduced to the original Colorado river.) Near Your town?


  3. I want to be the kind of author who makes people remember how to feel – love, hope, sorrow, joy. I want to be supportive and encouraging, helping aspiring authors but even more, making them want to help someone else.

    But right now, I'd settle for the kind of writer who knows what the heck is supposed to happen in the next scene 🙂


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