The Rose-Colored Glasses

It’s back to school time again! My semester starts next Monday, but my kids started last Thursday. They were so cute and so excited! And I’ll admit that I fueled that excitement as much as I could. I told them how wonderful their teachers were and how much I liked them. (Which was the truth.) I told them how many exciting things they would learn and discover and reminded them of friends they’d see. I even hyped up the bus ride and the school lunch menu! I had no doubt that a positive outlook (combined with a really great school) would result in a great first day.

And this time, I was right. They both came home brimming with happy stories. And minor setbacks (like my daughter losing a tooth on her first-ever bite of school lunch) turned into exciting adventures when viewed through the most essential part of her back-to-school outfit: rose-colored glasses.

The beginning of a new school year always feels like a fresh start for me, even more than January first. As I think about my writing goals for this school year, I’m going to try something. I’m going to try to view myself and my writing through the same positive lens I encouraged in my children. Not blinders, of course. It’s vital to be aware of the problems in your writing and the obstacles in your path. And don’t glue the glasses to your face–there are certainly times for absolute objectivity. But wear them as necessary, and always keep them nearby for emergency situations.

The beauty of rose-colored glasses is that, although you see the setbacks (awkward dialogue, gaping plot holes, character inconsistencies, etc.) they’re challenges and adventures rather than reasons to give up. And who doesn’t want a little challenge and adventure in their life?

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