Top Ten TTOF Posts of 2012

A holiday treat for all our lovely readers and followers.

Happy holidays! This is our 104th post this year (and my last for 2012.) I was so proud as I looked back at all my smart co-bloggers have done this year. What could I do but compile a list of my top 10 Thinking Through Our Fingers posts of 2012? (I told you I love lists!)

I’ve chosen a “most educational” and “most inspirational post for each of our authors. Posts are listed in two particular categories but no particular order. Without further ado, here are my top 10!

Most Helpful/Educational Posts:
Personality Quizzes for Your Character by Helen
     In which we learn how to tell if we really, REALLY know our characters.
Writing Type: Introvert/Extrovert and Intuitive/Sensitive by Rosalyn
     In which we learn how personality types shape our writing, revising, and critiquing. Two more posts coming in this series, and I can’t wait!
Are You a Socialite? by Tasha
     In which our resident platform-building guru teaches us some good rules for, well, building a platform.
The Pomodoro Technique by Joy
     In which we learn a really stellar technique for staying motivated and productive.
The Writing Toolbox by Elaine
     In which I share my top 3 must-have writing tools.

Most Inspirational Posts:
When Life Interrupts by Rosalyn
     In which we learn why it’s healthy and helpful not to nurture all aspects of your life.
Getting Your (My) Act Together by Joy
     In which Joy helps us feel better for taking a needed writing hiatus, but then tells us how to jump-start it back up.
Why I Won’t Fail by Tasha
     In which we learn of Tasha’s love for TED talks and why we need to be our own writing advocates.
The Sandpit by Helen
      In which Helen gives us hope for those times when we feel we’re walking in circles.
The Way to Make a Snowman by Elaine
     In which I tell a story of my daughter building not one but five snowmen when I thought the snow had all melted.

Okay, technically that was 11, but who’s counting?

Thanks for reading, thanks for following, and have a wonderful holiday season!