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I recently ventured into the world of audiobooks, which I did because I could “read” while working out at the gym.  But a funny thing happened.  One, I liked them more than I thought I would.  Two, it has made me so aware of the importance of voice.  A good narrator will often tweak their own voice to convey the different characters and assist the listener, but even without that, a good writer should be able to tap into the character they are creating well enough to hear what they sound like, to know how that works only in our mind.

I really think that there is something to be said for really visualizing our characters to put a voice with them.  Honestly, I’m sure you can think of some people who you see and you expect them to have a certain sound, and if they don’t, the conversation stalls as you try to re-align what your mind said would be the voice. And while we like to spend time on what the character looks like, in part, that is to help align what they are supposed to sound like.  

I’m working on the voice of several male characters in my editing right now.  I have one that sounds a little bit like this:

and one that sounds a bit like this:
Can you “hear” the difference?
One of the ways I have seen authors lately hone this skill is through using Pinterest.  It is truly amazing what you will think of, what you will realize about a character when you see visual representations of how other authors see their own.  It is also growing quickly as another source of social media, which can suck away your time you should be writing if you aren’t careful, but it really is a way that people are making yet another connection.  
And if you are worried people will see your board and copy your ideas, there are now secret boards that you could use just to help you flesh out what you are thinking for the current or next WIP.

Are you on Pinterest? Do you have any techniques to help with the development of the character’s voice?

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