Inspire Others with Your Words


They have the power to make or break us.

They make us feel, to act, to respond and to celebrate.

Words hold meaning to the giver and the receiver, in a negative or positive way, depending on the way they’re used.

As a writer, and someone who’s passionate about people, one of my favorite things is knowing that I can impact others by the things I say and write. That I can bring a message and uplift someone by something that holds truth to me because it holds truth to them as well. On my last artist date that I took with myself, I bought a board that says, “Truth Leads to Inspiration.” There’s such potential in these words. Once you embrace your truth and your story, and begin to share it, inspiration for others is not far behind. Through your writing, your messages, and your voice, people will listen and respond. We’re expressive creatures for a reason.

After going through a few months of massive depression, words hit me hard and knocked me off a mountain that I thought I was firmly grounded on. I lost my balance and the climb to get back up has been harsh, but every day is one step closer. Every kind word that I share with myself is another step, and looking toward the light to keep on pushing…another.

We need that continual encouragement being writers, to know that we have people that back us, and love us, through the good, bad and in between. That they’ll hold us when we’re struggling and in deep despair, and they’ll celebrate with us when we’ve accomplished a massive feat. Julia Cameron, author of The Artist Way, calls them her Midnight Callers. Those people you know you can call at midnight and they’re there to help brainstorm, and pick up the pieces with loving words and kind hearts. They understand our inner artist.


We all fall. The question is what will you do and say, to help others and yourself to get back up. Will you be the person to say “the words or message” that changes someone’s day?

To be an instant connection.

A lifeline.

Will you be someone’s Midnight Caller? There at any time of the day to say something encouraging, to help get a friend back on the horse.

We can speak truth, without being harsh.

What truths, experiences, hardships, or messages do you have, that only you can write to impact and uplift others?


They have the power to inspire and motivate a soul. To bring clarity, understanding, and forgiveness. You can make a difference!  Now, go tell your story.


During this week, Oct. 23rd-29th, join me in Inspire and Motivate a Soul Week. Go on any social media site and write five people every day. Tell them something you love or admire about them. Be specific. Then use the hashtags #IAMASW or #Inspireandmotivateasoulweek. Let people know what you’re doing so they can spread the love too. There’s also a video on my Facebook page, Lauri Schoenfeld, which describes all about this week in detail and how you can inspire those around you with your words.


Lauri Schoenfeld’s first love is her little clan of three silly kidlets and her wonderful hubby, Andy. Writing is a close second. She began writing poems at the age of nine, and her love for literature and music developed into composing thirty songs.  In 2014 her short story, Christmas Treasure, was featured in an anthology called, Angels from their Realms of Story.  Her favorite genre to write is anything dark, psychological, and suspenseful, but she enjoys expanding her horizons and dipping her feet in other genres as well.  Lauri teaches summer writing classes for kids and mentors teens throughout the year. She’s a Child Abuse and Scoliosis Survivor. Lauri runs a group for teen girls with Scoliosis called, The S Squad. Their motto is Strength, Support and Self Confidence.  She’s been known to dance around the house with a spoon as her microphone and sneak toppings from the ice cream bar. Lauri’s taken online classes at the Institute of Children’s Literature and was the President of the League of Utah Writers, Oquirrh Chapter for two years.  She’s a member of Crime Writers and International Thriller Writers.